It has been the most incredible week! Thank you all so much for all the unbelievable interest in my little quilt blocks. I’m so grateful for all of the glowing emails and comments. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I am sewing like crazy and trying to fulfill all the custom orders I’m getting at the same time that I’m trying not to let the Ebay shop completely empty out. I put up three sets of blocks the other day and all three of them sold immediately…one in 48 seconds! I never even had a chance to see it posted online before it was gone. Thank you all so much….such a joyful few days. In the meantime, real life and my “day job” go on. I am a caterer by trade and the owner of Fire and Ice Hall in Montgomery, Texas. It’s an old, historic tin barn…warm and rustic and full of romance. Built in 1903, it was once a Sinclair compression station, with huge turbines that moved oil down the line to the refineries south of Houston. Now it’s full of tiny white lights, old quilts and lace and lots and lots of Texas spirit. We have had the most amazing, joyful weddings here. Taking care of the grounds and the flowers and making it all happen seems to be an endless task, but every once in a while, we get to work on something that we’ve been dreaming about. I am almost overwhelmed with the need for whimsy in my life. I’d never done mosaics before but I desperately wanted a mosaic Texas flag mailbox out front. It took me about a week to piece it together, but it’s not too bad for a first try!! It was a big hit with my mail lady. After the mailbox was done, I started thinking about an old metal cistern up on a wooden platform at the front gate…next to the mailbox. (Anybody old enough to remember Petticoat Junction….nah…me either…hahahah). I talked Jay into the idea of the cistern and it turned out to be a BIG job, but somehow we got the wooden platform built and then it was time for the cistern. We were both imagining something old and rusty but it wasn’t long before I started thinking about red and white stripes. It wasn’t easy to talk him into it, but LOOK!! I got my red and white stripes!! Ok. I think I have enough whimsy at the front gate….. hmmmmmm….what next?


About quiltpeace

Quiltmaker, mosaic artist, mother,business owner,farm animal fanatic (say that fast three times!) and wife
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