Mini Quilt Blocks

I’ve been selling miniature quilt blocks on Ebay for over 10 years.  It’s unbelievable to me now that it’s been so long! This all began as an entrepreneurial effort on my part for my oldest daughter, Cheyne (pronounced Shane). She was in culinary school and about to go on a two-week long trip to China.  I’d really had to save my pennies to pay for the expensive trip and there wasn’t much left over for spending money. I’ve been quilting for over 30 years, I just LOVE to work in miniature, and I decided to try to sell a couple of my little micro-quilts on Ebay to see if I could earn some spending money for her. I couldn’t GIVE those little finished quilts away! I was thrilled one day when I finally got a bid for $9.00 on a little quilt that had taken me about 10 days to make!  Just as I was about to give up on the whole idea, I realized that there were several people selling quilt “blocks” online so that buyers could create their own quilts! What an incredible thing!!  I decided to create some blocks and post them to see if anyone would be interested in miniature blocks. The response was just incredible, I earned over a thousand dollars for Cheyne’s spending money fund and I’ve been making the little blocks and selling them ever since. Generally I make two sets of blocks. I keep one for myself and sell the other. It makes me happy to share them…to know that someone out there will be creating a little quilt with my blocks and I always wonder how different/similar our finished quilts will end up being.  I’ve sold blocks to women (and a couple of men!) all over the world. Once, a woman who had been the dressmaker to the Queen Elizabeth for 50 years commented that I did “beautiful” work.  It made my year!!

I strive to do meticulous work and I hope that it shows in my feedback on Ebay.  I have some incredibly loyal buyers and I am forever grateful to them. I have quilted my way through some almost unbelievable trials in my life over these 10 years and, although they never knew it, their never-ending interest in my work never failed to lift my spirits…even at my lowest moments.  Life for me is on a much more even keel these days (knocking on wood as I say this), and I’m back to joyfully sewing at night as my favorite form of relaxation. I have two full-time small businesses that keep me VERY busy during the day and I find myself daydreaming sometimes about sitting down behind my Janome at the end of the day and letting the stresses of work melt away.

I am beginning to invite my buyers to visit my blog, hoping to make a closer connection with the women who buy my little blocks and have been such an important part of my life for the past 10+ years. I promise, from now on, to upload pictures of upcoming blocks here so that you, my loyal buyers, can see them first and know what’s coming. I’d also LOVE to hear your comments and ideas! I have an intense love of color (anybody noticed that yet??)…and an equal craving for black and white prints. I have sooooo much fabric, and not a bit of brown or beige…olive green or peach..none of that. There are lots of quilters who make blocks in those colors and list them on Ebay, but, somehow, I have never seen anyone do anything even remotely like my blocks! Is that a good thing?? 😉

Thank you for visiting, faithful buyers. I’m looking forward to comments and even criticizms.  The blocks pictured at the top of this entry will go up on Ebay tomorrow.  I hope you find something you like!  Feel free to make requests.  😉


About quiltpeace

Quiltmaker, mosaic artist, mother,business owner,farm animal fanatic (say that fast three times!) and wife
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  1. I perfectly agree with the sentence on top about sucesseful women, was touched to read your post. Congratulations. Women like you make me proud of being a woman. I´ve never done any Queen´s hair at all but agree that you do a wonderful job. Congratulations. Wish you the very best.

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