Beginning Again
                 Fire and Ice Hall               


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I last posted something on my blog. I often go back to blogs that I have enjoyed reading to find that the writer has gone away. To those of you who wrote to inquire, I’m sorry. So much has happened! There is so much to tell. So much that I want to hear back from all of you. I promise to do better.

I guess that I should tell you first about my latest obscession (well…to be honest, there are several, but this is the most time-consuming). We have a 107-year-old barn on the ranch that was once a Sinclair Oil compression station. It created the force necessary to move oil down the line toward the refineries south of Houston. The pipeline has been gone since 1957 and the building had little use after that. When we bought the place 18 years ago, the land and this huge old building had stood here unoccupied and unloved for 36 years. In the beginning, we fixed up the barn for our daughters…a place for their friends to gather and for the parties that would follow during their adolescence. When they grew up and moved away to Austin 10 years ago, the old barn seemed bereft in their absence…the life had gone out of the place. I look back now and marvel that it took me so long to see it as an event venue! Now we host the most amazing ranch/country weddings and company picnics. Everyone tells that they feel as if they’ve stepped back in time here….and that’s exactly what we hope for. At every party, people wander out to my little farm full of miniature horses, Pecos (our riding steer who is still alive and loving all the attention!), geese, chickens and goats. I am constantly amazed at how many people tell me it’s the first time they’ve ever touched a horse…a goat. I just can’t imagine! The old barn is all decorated inside with cowhides and tiny twinkle lights, Texas flags and saddles. The back wall is painted dark blue with a huge moon face that smiles benevolently down on the dance floor. I never realized how wonderful it would be to hear that old barn ring with music and the laughter of a happy, celebratory family.

The Fire and Ice Hall is a historic, Texas tin hall with a touch of magic. It has given me another huge obligation…but a joyful one. If you ever wander by this way, come dance under the mirrored ball and soak up a little bit of old Texas. 😉

The photo above is courtesy of Epic Software, The Woodlands, TX.  Thanks Vic for such a great photograph.  I’m rusty at publishing and for some reason I can’t get it to come up under the photo itself!


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