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Mother’s Day

No time to post this past couple of days…up to our necks in Mother’s Day ice sculptures, but I came across this photograph of one of my daughters and I and thought I’d share it. She was 5 and I … Continue reading

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Little horses on the lawn…

I have been told that I need a 12-step program for farm animal addiction. In my quieter moments, I know that this is probably true. When I was a little girl, we lived in apartments and then in a house … Continue reading

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Here there be elves…

I think maybe I forgot to mention. If you know just the right place to look…on the edge of the pond, hidden in the trees…you’ll find the other residents of the ranch…also little but the two-legged kind. More about them … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Mowing

I have to mow at least an hour a day…every day. It’s a task that other people might dread, but I actually look forward to driving the tractor through the meadows and fields…mowing and thinking…planning and mowing…dreaming and mowing. I … Continue reading

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A month on the farm…

We live on a small farm just 45 miles north of Houston. We are ice sculptors by trade, but we have a 106 year-old barn on the property that is quickly becoming an event facility!  We fixed it up for … Continue reading

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Hello world!

     My life is pure insanity.  It really is.  How (or better yet WHY?) do I start a blog?  I’m not sure that I have anything special to share…any deep wisdom to impart…but I know that I totally enjoy reading the … Continue reading

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